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Apple in talks with Google for using Gemini to bring generative AI features to iPhones

Apple and Google are actively negotiating the use of Gemini to power some of the generative AI features coming to iPhones this year, according to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurnman. The deal with Apple could be a game changer for Google’s Gemini chatbot, which has been embroiled in a number of controversies in recent months.

While Apple is already working on bringing a number of AI features to its upcoming iOS 18 operating system based on its own AI models, these enhancements are likely to focus on features that run on its devices rather than being delivered from the cloud, Gurnman reported. The partnership with Google could help deliver a range of generative AI features, such as generating images and writing essays based on a single text prompt.

However, the latest round of negotiations also signals that Apple isn’t as far ahead in its AI efforts as many had speculated. Apple was reported to be testing its big language model – Ajax – and many employees had also been given access to a chatbot called Apple GPT. However, Gurnman, citing sources, notes that Apple’s AI technology remains inferior to tools from Google and other rivals.

The report states that while talks between Google and Apple are currently active, a final deal would not be announced until at least June, when Apple usually holds its Worldwide Developers Conference. Gurnman also noted that it’s possible that Apple could ultimately decide to use generative AI technology from another company, such as OpenAI or Anthropic.

A deal with Apple could be a silver lining for Google, giving its Gemini AI chatbot a boost in the highly competitive AI landscape thanks to the iPhone maker’s roughly 2 billion user base, as well as helping the chatbot recover from recent controversies.

Source: Mint

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