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LinkedIn Launches Games to Boost Engagement

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has jumped on the gaming bandwagon by launching three new puzzle games for its users.

The three puzzle games — Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb — are free to use and available on desktop and mobile.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new games.


Pinpoint is a word association game. The game will unveil five different words, and your job is to guess the category the words fit into.

The words will reveal themselves on a timer with the objective being to guess the category in as few words as possible.


Queens is a unique take on Sudoku without numbers.

Players need to place queens on a grid such that no queens touch each other and there is a single queen in each row and column.


Crossclimb combines trivia with clever wordplay. Users are given a clue for a word, and with that word as a starting point, they need to create a ladder of words with each subsequent entry being just one letter off from the one before.

Arranging the words in the correct order will reveal the clue to guess the locked entries on the ladder to win the game.

Users can play each game once per day, and after their daily session, they will be able to access metrics including their high score, daily streak, leaderboards, and information on who in their network has also played. The games are available under the LinkedIn News and My Network section on desktop or the My Network tab on mobile.

While LinkedIn isn’t charging for the games yet, they seem to be a way to keep users engaged on the platform and deepen connections.

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